Enigma Sensation,
South Africa's
Leading Cannabis Lube

15ml Enigma Sensation



All Natural

Enigma Sensation is made from only the finest quality ingredients. Cannabis infused into Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil for its hypoallergenic properties.

Increase Self Lubrication

Enigma is not used as a traditional sex lube. It is applied before sex as a sensual sex enhancer. Women report that it causes their vaginas to naturally self lubricate contributing to optimum environment for climaxing.

Intensify & Prolong Orgasm

Most women said they never climaxed so much before and their orgasms were longer than usual. Women report more intense and deeper orgasms "My orgasm was zoomed in" -Sarah

Full Body Relaxation

When it comes to female sexual health a relaxed and comfortable mood and environment is the key to climaxing. Cannabis is well known for its relaxing, calming and even sedative effects. Making your body and vagina the optimum environment for climaxing escapades.

Heightened Sexual Pleasure

With the vagina performing at optimum women report a more intense and heightened sexual experience. "I had the best sex in my life...Ever" -Jessica

Reduce Pain During Sex

With the cannabis being a very potent analgesic. Most women reports little to no pain during and after sex. "My vagina feels like there's a fresh breeze after sex" -Patience

How To Use

Step 1

Apply 3-4 pumps directly to the clitoris, inner and outer labia

Step 2

Give Enigma Sensation 20 minutes to take effect. This is a great time for foreplay!

Step 3

Experience Your Most Amazing Orgasm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enigma Sensation is an all natural Sensual Oil designed to enhance female sexual pleasure. Using the traditional therapeutic properties of the cannabis as an analgesic and a natural aphrodisiac. Enigma promotes relaxation as well as self lubrication of the vagina and in doing so optimizes sexual pleasure. It enhances sexual pleasure in women. It intensifies and prolongs female orgasms. Enigma helps reduce pain during and after sexual intercourse to enhance and intensify the sexual experience of women.

Enigma Sensation was designed for women of all ages, young or old. Any woman who wishes to have a more enjoyable or less painful sexual experience. 

In a laying position, apply 3 to 4 pumps of Enigma Sensation directly to the clitoral and labia areas of the vagina. Avoid Enigma from running off from vagina and allow for absorption. While applying Enigma inside the vagina is not a necessity, internal application may maximise absorption. Most women claim that Enigma starts taking effect 15 – 30 minutes after application. This time is best invested in foreplay.

Enigma Sensation is not intended to be used as a sex lube. Enigma Sensation is to be used as a “pre lube” applied about 15 to 20 minutes before intercourse. Most women report that Enigma takes effect within 15 minutes. Some women claims that waiting an hour or more increases the effects of Enigma. It is best to experiment and find ones personal preference.
Enigma Sensation is NOT compatible with latex and is not recommended for use with latex condoms. It can be used with non-latex condoms.

There may be different experiences for different women. Generally women report some or all of the following:

  • Relaxed vaginal muscles
  • Increased self lubrication of the vagina
  • Intensified sexual pleasure
  • Intensified and prolonged orgasms
  • Reduced or even no vaginal pain during and after sex

Many women emphasize the euphoric feeling their vagina experiences even after sex.

Enigma Sensation is NOT compatible with latex and is not recommended for use with latex condoms. It can be used with non-latex condoms.

Kindly consult your health practitioner with regards to using Enigma Sensation while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Enigma Sensation is not compatible with latex condoms. It can be used with non latex condoms.