Cannabis Lube: The Latest Sex Trend For South African Women

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With the recent legalization of cannabis in South Africa “Everything Cannabis” is trending. From cannabis oils to cannabis capsules the plant has proven effective in treating a wide range of conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and even cancer! The latest craze among South African women is “cannabis lube”. Yes, you read right! Cannabis Lube! Cannabis lube was first made popular in 2014 by a US company called Foria. Foria’s cannabis lube hit the headlines of almost all the lifestyle magazines such as Cosmopolitan, GQ, PopSugar and Vice.

When Googling “cannabis lube South Africa”  you will see that in 2014 Foria was featured by Sowetan Live, Times Live, Men’s Health and Up until now, it has been a mission to get cannabis lube in South Africa but that has all changed. Ever since the launch of  EnigmaWomen, women all over South Africa have been raving about our products. More specifically, our product called Engima Sensation, our cannabis lube and we’re about to tell you all about it.

Why Use Cannabis Lube And What Is The Difference Between Cannabis Lube And Normal Lube?

Let’s start off by stating the obvious. You use lube during intercourse to assist with lubrication of your vagina. “Lube” is short for lubrication after all! Your vagina lubricates itself during intercourse to ease penetration and prevent friction otherwise sex would not be fun at all (quite the opposite) but that’s just the obvious.

How many different types of lubes have you seen on the shelves? You see and read about so many different types of lube like Water-based lube, silicone based lube, oil-based lube. Then you get the different types of natural lubes such as coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, and aloe. All lubes are great in their own right, however, we do not recommend using anything other than natural products. Why would you stick something in your vagina that you wouldn’t usually trust eating? If you are concerned about any harsh chemicals in the skin products you use then why not play it safe when it comes to your vagina.

Enough about what you already know.

Why use cannabis lube and not other lube?

To be frank, cannabis lube is the best natural lubricant as it intensifies sexual pleasure and has a list of health benefits. Cannabis lube is natural and you do not use cannabis lube the same way you would use other natural lubes. You can think of cannabis lube as being a “Pre Lube” since it’s applied 15-20 minutes before intercourse which stimulates and increases your vagina’s natural lubrication (we’ll explain how it does this later).

Some of the benefits of using cannabis lube:

  • Natural and safe with health benefits
  • Stimulates and increases your vagina’s natural lubrication
  • Helps with pain and inflammation
  • Increases pleasure
  • Intensifies and prolongs your orgasms
  • Anti fungal and antibacterial

What is Enigma Sensation and how does it work?

Enigma is a Cannabis infused Sensual Oil designed to enhance your sexual experience as women. It gives you the therapeutic benefits of this ancient healing plant without the Psychoactive effects. In simple language, Enigma Sensation is “Foreplay in a Bottle!”

Enigma is a product designed for women by women and is not designed for oral consumption. It is applied to the female vagina as a “pre lube” or pre sex sensual oil. Enigma not only stimulates natural lubrication in women but also tremendously increases sexual pleasure and reduces pain during and after intercourse. Women report that their vaginal area experiences a euphoric sensation before, during and after sex.

Some boring science?

The compound responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). When THC comes into contact with the CB1 receptors in our brain this results in the Euphoric feeling we experience when consuming Cannabis best known as the “High”. The female vagina is laden with those same CB1 receptors found in the brain and that is how Enigma takes you down the pleasure trip of your life!

(We all knew the vagina has a brain of its own. Who needs science right?)

Why use Enigma?

Cannabis lubricant may seem like a foreign concept, but there are plenty of fantastic benefits that will ensure euphoric sexual pleasure and deeper orgasms like never before. As an oil-based, cannabis infused lubricant, Enigma has a certain edge – the THC found in cannabis helps the smooth muscle in your vagina to relax, resulting in heighten sexual pleasure and not to mention pain-free sex. Although water-based, silicon-based and other oil-based lube’s allows for your vagina to become more lubricated, none manages to have the effects of Enigma. It relaxes your vaginal muscles as well as stimulates your vaginas natural lubrication. A relaxed vagina will lead to a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom and more intense and satisfying sex. Oil-based lube feels better on the skin, for both your partner and for you, thus Enigma promises you a sensual and thrilling experience.

  • Cannabis is a known aphrodisiac, and THC has a few brilliant effects on the body, including:
  • It relaxes the vagina, providing you with a warm and more pleasant feeling.
  • It releases a rush of endorphins that heighten your sex drive.
  • Stimulates natural lubrication.
  • It allows for increased sensitivity of the labia and clitoris (in a very good way!)
  • The tingling and pulsating feeling it creates on your clitoris is only the beginning of what would arguably be your most climaxing sexual experience
  • All of this leads to much better, stronger, and longer lasting orgasms!

Enigma is designed with the female form in mind and is one of the few lubricants produced solely for your pleasure as a woman. The relaxing properties of THC allow for a pain-free sexual experience.

Who can use Enigma?


Having sex for the first time is a nerve-inducing experience. Before your first-time, you are bound to be feeling a range of emotions and a lot of anxiety, especially about the pain of “breaking your hymen.” The THC in Enigma will help you ease your tension! A few sprays of Enigma onto your clitoris and labia will provide a pleasurable and tingling feeling. Enigma will also relax you and your vagina, and this will result in minimal pain during your first-time.

Experienced women

Even if you’re a pro in bed, Enigma and your sex-life will become best friends! Enigma not only stimulates your vaginas natural lubrication it also intensifies sexual pleasure and it is easy to apply, but just a few sprays does the trick. While you wait for the lube to take full effect, you and your partner can enjoy some all-important foreplay. The fantastic feeling of Enigma will excite you, which in turn will be sure to excite your partner and make for some pretty explosive sex!

Older women

As your body ages, it is normal to stop lubricating naturally during sex. This can lead to painful and unpleasing intercourse. Just a few sprays of Enigma can completely transform your sexual experience! Enigma stimulates natural lubrication and its oil-based feels amazing on your skin, silky smooth and this allows for intense pleasure in the bedroom.

You deserve a thrilling sex-life and with Enigma, you can achieve that. Enjoy pain-free sex with stronger and longer lasting orgasms today!

Team Enigma

Team Enigma

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