Cannabis Lube: The Best Natural Alternative to Lube in South Africa?

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Well, ladies, the secret is out!  And if the reviews of Enigma Sensation are anything to go by, the hype is very, VERY real! Women across the world are now rediscovering the once-secret therapeutic properties of using cannabis remedies for female wellness and health.

enigma sensation reviews
Women in South Africa are also driving renewed interest and awareness about cannabis lube in particular.

Cannabis and it’s healing powers have long been used as a traditional plant medicine dating as far back as Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Cannabis-derived remedies for female wellness and gynaecological uses can be traced as far as 4,000 years back.

Since time immemorial, traditional healers and herbalists have made use of cannabis as an important component in powerful plant remedies. Used to treat a broad range of gynaecological conditions such as painful sex, menopause and menstrual cramps. Women also used Cannabis as an aphrodisiac.

Woman with endometriosis sharing her experience with Enigma Sensation

However, the criminalization and prohibition of cannabis in the early 20th century drove the widespread use and traditional knowledge about the  therapeutic properties of cannabis remedies for women underground and away from public discourse. Something that was once considered general practice and common knowledge became shunned, evolving into a taboo and ultimately becoming a long-forgotten secret.

Thankfully, the dawn of a new century has delivered us into a modern, more progressive world- hurtling us into the light and out of the Dark Ages. Today, cannabis use is no longer considered taboo. Let’s just say the smoke has cleared and with it, so has the stigma that previously surrounded this mystical and wondrous plant. The last decade alone has seen a domino effect of countries legalising cannabis, with an ever-growing number of countries following suit and taking the first tentative steps in fully decriminalising the cultivation, research and multifaceted applications of cannabis.

Believe the Hype: Cannabis Lube is the Best Natural Lubricant for Sex

Cannabis lube was first made popular by Foria, an American company that disrupted the status quo as soon as it hit the market in 2014. Foria’s cannabis lube provoked so much interest and intrigue; it hit the headlines of a number of major media outlets such as CosmopolitanPopSugar and Vice.

Foria Pleasure is a natural lube and was hyped up in the media as an all-natural sensual enhancement oil. Foria Pleasure was formulated specifically for women to heighten tactile sensation while decreasing tension, discomfort, and dryness. At the time- Foria Pleasure was one of the first of its kind in the realm of cannabis-infused personal lubricants.

And just like that, the international hype around cannabis lube had officially begun. It wasn’t long before the media storm drummed up by Foria reached our shores and articles about the cannabis lube were featured in Sowetan Live, Times Live and Men’s Health.

This left many local women searching for Foria for sale in South Africa and Foria alternative South Africa.

Bear in mind, this was way back in 2014 when anything cannabis-related didn’t exactly fall on the right side of South African law. Despite this, many South African women continued to try and find out where to buy cannabis lube, searching for more information and looking for the cannabis lube price and local availability.

Back then it was an absolute mission (nearly impossible) for local women to get cannabis lube in South Africa. Local demand was clearly there. Women kept asking and searching for “Foria alternatives South Africa” in Google. With their curiosity piqued, more and more South African women were desperately looking for somewhere to buy cannabis lube, so that they too could get their hands, hearts and lady-parts on their own bottle of cannabis lube and find out first-hand if the hype was in fact real.

Fortunately, South African women didn’t have to wait too long to experience the therapeutic benefits of cannabis lube such as heightened sensation, deeper orgasms and relief from vaginal dryness and discomfort. That all changed at the end of 2017 when the proudly South African company, EnigmaWomen entered the local market.

Enigma Women, South African cannabis lube

Since the launch of EnigmaWomen in November 2017, women all over South Africa have had the pleasure of experiencing the sensational benefits and therapeutic properties of cannabis lube in the form of Enigma Sensation, their flagship product. The recent High Court ruling that deems personal use of cannabis legal in one’s home has been a welcomed development, allowing us to make our mission a reality- that of positioning ourselves as the preeminent local producers of cannabis-infused wellness products. EnigmaWomen offers an exceptional range of all-natural products which are tailor-made for women, helping you keep up with up with the demanding lifestyle of a modern world.

EnigmaWomen is on the frontline of cannabis wellness culture, ready to fully serve a burgeoning market as South Africa makes headway towards full legalization of cannabis.

Enigma Sensation: South Africa’s Premium Cannabis Lube is “Foreplay in a Bottle”

"Enigma. For Women By Women"Could they go together?🤔🤔🤔Well, according to 1000's of women the two works extremely well together!Want to know the effects?Just watch the short video below explaining it all! #enigmasensation #enigamism #4womenbywomen

Posted by Enigma Women on Thursday, January 4, 2018

The growing cannabis craze has even spurred on a burgeoning trend in the bedrooms of South African women – cannabis lube which has long been praised as the best natural lubricant for sex.

If you’ve just done a double take, be assured that you read it right the first time. Cannabis lube.

Women who have experienced the sensual and therapeutic benefits of incorporating cannabis-infused personal lubricant into their intimate lives are giving it rave reviews, praising it as the best kept secret that simply MUST be shared.

The Passion, People & Plant Power behind EnigmaWomen

EnigmaWomen is the brainchild of an inspired South African woman who spearheads an equally passionate and dynamic team. Our company is proudly South African and was established in response to a vocal and growing market of  women (from the cannabis-curious to the cannabis connoisseur) who are searching for expertly crafted, locally grown and produced cannabis- infused female wellness products.

We are exceptionally proud to produce a wonderful range of superior quality cannabis-infused products that have been skilfully crafted and specifically designed with the female form in mind. Enigma Sensation is meticulously formulated for women by women, using what Mother Nature has to offer to help you on your journey to explore, experience and enhance your femininity like never before. Our all-natural products are tailor-made for the modern woman to enhance your beauty, help harmonise your body and mind during PMS and ignite your sex life to give you a superlative sensual experience.

Enigma Sensation is our flagship product, the first of its kind available for sale in South Africa. Women no longer need to desperately search for Foria for sale in South Africa and worry about the logistics and added stress of importing cannabis lube because Enigma Sensation is widely available and can be purchased locally. We offer a secure online service with legitimate and reputable payment portals, giving you added peace of mind. With a simple click of a button, you can order it online and wait for your bottle of Enigma Sensation cannabis lube to arrive directly and discreetly to your doorstep. The best part is that EnigmaWomen provides safe and reliable delivery throughout South Africa, ensuring that you receive our premium cannabis-infused products discreetly wherever you are!

It’s never been easier or more convenient for you to get your hands on exceptional quality cannabis lube. Ladies, the hunt is over! You no longer need to tirelessly search for where to buy cannabis lube in South Africa.

Everything You Need to Know About Enigma Sensation Cannabis Lube

Enigma Sensation is a cannabisinfused sensual oil designed to enhance and heighten your sexual experience as women. Thoughtfully designed for intimate use, it gives you the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of this ancient healing plant.

We like to describe Enigma Sensation Cannabis Lube as “foreplay in a bottle” as it stimulates and increases the natural lubrication of the vagina, thereby enhancing tactile sensations and providing intensified sexual pleasure.

Enigma Sensation is an oil-based cannabis lube containing both THC and CBD which are powerful cannabinoids that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. These compounds are responsible for the therapeutic properties found in cannabis lube which make it the best natural lubricant for sex.

Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis Lube include:

  • Stimulates and increases the vagina’s natural lubrication.
  • Assists with pain and inflammation.
  • Promotes increased arousal and heightens sexual pleasure.
  • Increases tactile sensations.
  • Intensifies and prolongs orgasms.
  • Anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

What Does An Orgasm With Enigma Sensation Feel Like?

Enigma Sensation not only increases natural lubrication in women but also significantly enhances sexual arousal, prolongs orgasms and reduces pain during and after intercourse. Many women experience deeper, more intense and prolonged orgasms when using Enigma Sensation during intimate play and intercourse. While others describe its stimulating effect on the body and erogenous zones as euphoric and relaxing, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in unbridled sensual enjoyment.

The Science behind Enigma Sensation Cannabis Lube

While regular water-based, silicon-based and other oil-based lubes do a reasonably good job in lubricating your vagina, they simply pale in comparison to the stimulating effects of Engima Sensation Cannabis Lube. Cannabis lube not only stimulates self-lubrication of your vagina, it also enhances pleasure and promotes pain relief. Sounds pretty great, right? And if you want to try the best natural lubricant for sex, let’s just say that you might have hit the jackpot!

Now you may be wondering how exactly it works? So bear with us for a simplified science lesson:

Enigma Sensation is infused with THC and CBD. These compounds are called cannabinoids and occur naturally in the cannabis plant. You’re probably already familiar with the term THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

When THC comes into contact with the CB1 receptors in our brain this results in the euphoric feeling people experience when consuming cannabis or best known as the “high”. Our bodies have an elaborate endocannabinoid system. There are cannabinoid receptors everywhere in the body- everywhere. Yes, even down there!

Those very same CB1 receptors responsible for that euphoric high that you experience are also found throughout your vagina and reproductive tract. This is why so many women who use Enigma Sensation cannabis lube claim that it puts them in the mood and helps them relax. It helps them get started before the main event takes place- that’s why we love to call Enigma Sensation “foreplay in a bottle.

Enigma Sensation is the best Foria alternative in South Africa, as our THC-infused lube contains phytocannabinoids, which when applied to your vagina and vulva causes vasodilation. Simply put, it increases blood flow in the area and stimulates the release of other neurotransmitters which aid in the sensory storm that is being unleashed below. These neurotransmitters are responsible for relaxing the smooth muscle of blood vessels, allowing them to dilate and engorge with blood. Much in the same way a man’s penis becomes erect, the same effects occurs when blood rushes to a woman’s clitoris. This stimulating effect heightens your sensory experience, puts you in the mood and allows you to enjoy an explosive and passionate experience in the bedroom.

Cannabis is a known aphrodisiac, and THC has a few brilliant effects on the body, including:

  • It relaxes your vagina, providing you with a pleasantly warm and tingling sensation.
  • It releases a rush of endorphins that heighten your sex drive.
  • Stimulates natural lubrication.
  • It allows for increased sensitivity of the labia and clitoris (in a very good way!)
  • The tingling and pulsating feeling it creates on your clitoris is only the beginning of what would arguably be your most climactic sexual experience.
  • All of this leads to much better, stronger, and longer lasting orgasms!

Up until now we’ve talked a lot about the therapeutic and stimulating effects of THC. But what about CBD? While CBD may not have the psychoactive effects when compared to its more popular cannabinoid counterpart- it’s definitely not without its own array of benefits.

CBD is a powerful pain-reducing cannabinoid which works by limiting inflammation and desensitizing the body’s pain-perceiving nerves. The CBD compounds contained within Enigma Sensation are known to target the same enzyme that Ibuprofen, does. Working in much the same way as this over-the-counter pain-killer, CBD decreases the body’s production of inflammatory prostaglandins which cause painful cramps, muscle tenseness and discomfort. If you’re someone who experiences pain and discomfort during sex- Enigma Sensation with its natural healing combination of THC and CBD, will literally transform the way you experience pleasure and sexual escapades.

All- Natural & Safe

EnigmaWomen takes your peace of mind to heart. When it comes to the safety and well-being of your lady-parts- we’ve got you covered!

Enigma Sensation, our flagship cannabis lube has been meticulously formulated using premium all-natural ingredients. We source the highest quality, organic cannabis- grown locally under our majestic African sun. Enigma Sensation consists of premium grape seed oil that has been carefully infused with high-grade cannabis. It is an oil-based lubricant which means that it is not recommended to use with latex condoms. Grape seed oil is an excellent natural lubricant and has the added advantages of being both tasteless and odorless.

Not only do we exclusively use the finest all-natural ingredients, we ensure that each bottle meets our exacting safety requirements. Enigma Sensation is hypoallergenic and independently lab-tested to ensure absolute purity from toxins, microbes and pesticides. It is one of the few lubricants that is manufactured locally using only the highest quality all-natural ingredients sourced from within our breathtakingly beautiful and bountiful South Africa- produced solely for your enhanced intimate pleasure as a woman.

You can rest assured that we take your pleasure, safety and wellness seriously, producing a remarkable product for remarkable women.

Ready to Try Out Cannabis Lube? Here’s How to Use Enigma Sensation

So we’ve covered the legalities, confirmed the hype and explained the science behind what makes cannabis lube the best natural lubricant for sex- now we’ll walk you through how to apply Enigma Sensation.  It’s pretty simple!

Firstly, think of Enigma Sensation as “pre-lube”.

All you need to do is simply apply a few sprays amount of Enigma Sensation cannabis lube directly onto your vagina, clitoris and labia 15-20 minutes before intercourse. While you might be a little impatient to get things going, trust us- you’re going to want to wait some time for those wonderful cannabinoids to work their magic! This is the perfect opportunity to engage your partner in passionate foreplay, allow yourself to leisurely explore and celebrate your womanhood as the relaxing and pleasurable sensations envelop your body.

Enigma Sensation is a great addition to intimate play and is perfect for couples or as part of any female’s self-care routine.

Who Can Use It?

While there’s no disputing that many women will benefit from the therapeutic and stimulating effects of cannabis lube, there are some women that may find Enigma Sensation even more life-changing than most. Should you find yourself in one of the categories below, we suggest you order your bottle of Enigma Sensation without hesitation:

New to the Game | Novice

If you’ve popped your cherry not too long ago and need some assistance with relaxing the muscles of your intimate area, relieving tension, promoting arousal and increasing vaginal lubrication- then Enigma Sensation will give you’re the perfect helping hand.

Some women who have only recently started having sex, may still experience pain and discomfort from time to time as they familiarize themselves with the act. A few sprays of Enigma Sensation on your vagina, clitoris and labia will provide a pleasurable, tingling sensation. Its combination of active THC and CBD cannabinoids will help you to unwind, open up and relax you and your vagina which will result in increased pleasure while simultaneously promoting pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. Enigma Sensation is perfect for novice ladies exploring their bodies for the first time- since it helps with relaxation and tension.

Women Suffering from Dryness, Discomfort & Pain

At some point in their lives, most women experience bouts of vaginal dryness, discomfort and even pain during sex. Many factors affect the well-being of your vagina which can be caused by hormonal fluctuations, use of certain medications, stress and even diet. All these factors can lead to painful and unsatisfying sex- and NOBODY wants that!

Age is another factor that often contributes to the decreased production of lubrication in the vagina. And while most women mature with age like a fine wine, unfortunately the body needs some assistance in maintaining its natural lubrication levels. This may be a natural part of the aging process but it doesn’t mean that mature women are resigned to an unsatisfying sex life. All hope is not lost!

Enigma Sensation is the perfect all-natural solution to combating dryness and discomfort- better still it promotes pain relief and results in longer and more explosive orgasms.

Just a few sprays of Enigma Sensation can completely transform your sexual experience! Enigma Sensation stimulates natural lubrication and its oil-base feels amazing on your skin. Specially formulated to be silky smooth, it enhances your sensual experience which allows for intense pleasure in the bedroom.

Women Who Are Looking For More

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom or feeling a bit adventurous, Enigma Sensation is the perfect personal cannabis-infused lubricant to add to your repertoire during intimate play. Enigma Sensation not only stimulates your vagina’s natural lubrication it also intensifies sexual pleasure and it is easy to apply, just a few sprays will do the trick!

While you wait for the lube to take full effect, you and your partner can enjoy some all-important foreplay. The fantastic feeling of Enigma Sensation will excite you which will undoubtedly excite your partner and make for some pretty explosive sex! The euphoric effects of Enigma Sensation cannabis lube are simply too good not to try!

Are you ready to elevate your sex life and reach new high’s in the bedroom? Get yours now! Order EngimaWomen’s flagship cannabis-infused lube – Enigma Sensation.

Team Enigma

Team Enigma

14 thoughts on “Cannabis Lube: The Best Natural Alternative to Lube in South Africa?”

      1. Would like a price please on enigma please, & where can one purchase it.Is it available in the free state, or only on line.Thank you Andy.

  1. Does it have any effect on a male when coming in contact with Enigma Sensation during intercourse and does it have a smell and does it taste like anything?

    1. Hi Poppy,
      Yes it does have a taste and smell. There will not be any real effect on a male. While cannabis does help with blood flow the amount used and manner of application will not effect the male. We are busy working on a product for males, so keep your eyes out for our new products.

  2. I ordered two 15 ml bottles yesterday after reading the reviews and as a woman who has issues of not being able to relax during sex and with my mind overthinking….i knew i NEED it. Cant wait for them bottles to arrive😍

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